Nijiiro Ramen (彩虹拉面)

A young guy, 神太阳,who have not eaten ramen in his whole life before, joined a Ramen Club after taking a bowl of ramen which let him see rainbow after eating. I guess that’s what the title is about, “Rainbow Ramen”.

So after joining the club, the Ramen Club helps to run the ramen shop of the old master who taught神太阳 how to cook ramen. But life was not that peaceful for long. They came in contact with 神龙寺集团, which is a very big organization that controlled almost the whole of the Japan’s ramen industry.

The story later revealed that the head of the organization was actually 神太阳 father. There’s also how master is related to his father and such. Of course, what would a food manga be without competition? There’s inter-school’s ramen competition, and also the competition between 神太阳 and his father.

It’s really interesting to see that the characters in the manga seeing something after eating nice food. It make them feel as though they are brought into another world. This type of metaphor type is now being commonly used in alot of food manga and anime.

The storyline I would say is not something new, it is similar to those typical food manga. But what interest me the most is it showcase the different types of ramens – pork bone ramen, salted flavor ramen and such. Make me have the urge to go out and have a big bowl of ramen after reading the manga.

The manga I read is in Chinese, you can go to this link to read it online if you’re interested.

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